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Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 14:37
Ecorys UK has been commissioned to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Erasmus+ Master Loan Scheme by the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission. The Student Loan Guarantee Fund is an EU-...
European Qualification Framework support
Friday, May 6, 2016 - 11:32
Ecorys UK has been commissioned to support the European Commission in implementing the European Qualifications...
Education expertise for EU
Thursday, May 5, 2016 - 15:57
Ecorys UK is to provide the European Commission with a well-managed and well-coordinated network of independent...
Ecorys ILO evaluation report published
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 16:12
An Ecorys UK evaluation report containing recommendations for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its work...
European research on youth enterprise
Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 16:52
Ecorys led a review of evaluation evidence on the implementation and effectiveness of start-up measures for young...
We help you. For more than thirty years, Ecorys UK has helped our clients in the public, private and civil society understand and meet their challenges. Our services focus on six key areas:

We provide a variety of communications services for our clients, ranging from one-off publications, presentations and videos, to fully-fledged campaigns incorporating cross-media promotion and social media strategies.

We help public, private and civil society organisations develop and manage their programmes worldwide, providing tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

We deliver solutions to facilitate overseas business development, meet foreign direct investment and meet trade promotion needs for economic development agencies and international businesses worldwide.

We supply research, evaluation and consultancy services to public, private and civil society organisations across the UK, Europe and internationally.

We work with governments, donors and civil society to support poverty eradication, agricultural development, climate change adaptation, and economic and social development in developing countries.

We help our clients reach their audiences and service users more effectively by developing time-saving online systems, accessible websites, and creative design for high impact marketing materials.

Ecorys UK aims to make a positive difference to society through the work that we do. Browse our case studies below to find out more about the diverse areas in which we work.
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We provide research, consulting, programme management and communications services to public, private and civil society organisations. We aim to make a positive difference to society through the work that we do. Learn more about our company, our history and our corporate social responsibility activities.

Key Experts

  • Michael Trueman

    Erasmus+ Team Leader, Programme Management and Communications

    Michael is key operational lead in the delivery of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme, with a focus on Vocational Education and Training. He has over 15 years' experience of working in European programme and account management.

  • Vicki Donlevy

    Director - EU28 Market, Policy and Research

    Vicki coordinates the EU28 market across Ecorys UK, and leads on EU28 work in the fields of employment, social inclusion, education and training, and non-discrimination.

  • Corrina Hickman

    Associate Director and Erasmus+ Team Leader, Programme Management and Communications

    Corrina has over 13 years experience of grant management, systems development and project support for European funding programmes in the fields of education, training and youth.

  • Julian Toogood

    Technical Director – International Development Unit

    Julian coordinates business development across the Unit, leads the Unit’s Tax and Customs work, and holds Project Director roles on large projects.

  • Katharine McKenna

    Associate Director, Policy & Research

    Kath leads Ecorys’ work on crime and justice as well as working on research and evaluation projects across the themes of children and families, employment and welfare.

  • Keith Jude

    Creative Director, Programe Management and Communications

    Keith has over 25 years of creative design experience working across all media. Keith leads the design team on a wide range of projects in Europe and the UK.

  • Madeleine Rose

    Technical Director and Deputy Director of the Erasmus+ UK National Agency

    Madeleine is a highly experienced programme manager, who specialises in overseeing the management and delivery of large scale European funding programmes within the UK. She is currently the Deputy Director of the Erasmus+ UK National Agency, which is delivered in a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK.

  • Maurizio Curtarelli

    Associate Director, Employment and Social inclusion EU28, Policy and Research

    Maurizio leads on employment and social inclusion in the EU. He has been working in the socio-economic research domain for more than 15 years, focussing on topics related to labour market, working conditions and quality of work, international development and evaluation.

  • Ray Lindley

    Associate Director

    Ray leads our Survey Centre within the Policy and Research team. A Data Collection Specialist he has a wide-ranging knowledge of research practices, including qualitative and quantitative methodologies and is responsible for our Online CAWI, Telephone CATI and Face to face CAPI data collection surveys.

  • Richard Liebrechts

    Director, Oxford Intelligence

    Richard is an operational and board director of Oxford Intelligence. He specialises in all aspects of foreign investments and (free) zones development, and is a leading expert for wider consulting projects for Oxford Intelligence and Ecorys.

  • Gregor MacKinnon

    Technical Director, International Development

    Gregor is a senior manager, responsible for project management and leading the delivery of international development projects in a range of countries. He is the Project Director for the Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (Nigeria) and the Civil Society Environment Fund 2 (Zambia). He is also the Managing Director of PMTC Zambia.

  • Jane Nimmo

    Technical Director and Framework Contract Director, Programme Management and Communications

    Jane is a highly experienced project and programme manager, who specialises in overseeing work for the European Commission. She currently manages pan-European communications projects which include campaign development, design and production of digital and print publications, audiovisual products and events.

  • Jonathan France

    Technical Director, Policy and Research

    Jonathan leads the team’s research in the fields of culture, sport and development, and is a specialist in conducting mixed-methods evaluation studies. His research improves policy at national, European and international levels.

  • Laurie Day

    Director, Policy and Research

    Laurie leads Ecorys' children, young people and families research. His main areas of expertise include child participation; family intervention, safeguarding, and multi-agency partnership working between children’s services and schools.

  • Rachel Brackwell

    Associate Director, Programme Management UK Markets, Programme Management and Communications

    Rachel has 20 years' programme management experience specialising in UK social policy grant management and EU funding, including programme start-up and systems development.

  • Dani Marunovic

    Finance Director, International Development

    Dani is responsible for leading financial strategy and management of the International Development Division including oversight of country offices in Bangladesh, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  • Ian Atkinson

    Associate Director for Employment and Labour Market Policy, Policy and Research

    Ian leads on Ecorys’ employment and labour markets work in the UK. His research background and interests include employability interventions, social inclusion and results-based payment mechanisms.

  • Carolyn Hay

    Director, Digital Team.

    An experienced director in programme management, Carolyn is Director of Digital Services at Ecorys and Director of the EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) contract.

  • Tim Fox

    Associate Director, Local and Regional Development

    Tim is an Associate Director at Ecorys with 21 years’ experience of working at the EU and UK level, focusing on urban policy and education, training and culture.  

  • Russell Peacock

    Associate Director, Programme Management Specialist, Programme Management and Communications

    Russell is an experienced programme manager who has managed wide range of UK grant programmes, covering regeneration, sports and families.

  • Jan Aulehle

    Director, International Markets and Communications, Programme Management and Communications

    Jan’s role is to develop Ecorys’ current and future Programme Management and Communication services in international markets including EU28 and EuropeAid countries. He has 12 years of experience in EU-funded TA programmes and projects and key areas of his work include education and training, employment and social inclusion.

  • Ashfa Slater

    Associate Director, Programme Management

    As an Associate Director, Ahsfa is experienced in programme and grant management and work across various policy areas, principally Adult Education and Health and Care. Currently, she is the Team Leader for the EPALE UK NSS (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe).

  • Korina Cox

    Director, Policy and Research

    Korina leads on Ecorys UK’s enterprise and growth work, and contributes to large-scale evaluations across policy fields. She has a research background in evaluation of area-based interventions and her interests include enterprise, development, employability and social inclusion.

  • Andrew Clutz

    Director, Americas, Oxford Intelligence

    As Director of the Americas operation, Andrew has advised international trade and investment agencies on all aspects of operation. He also works with technology firms on business expansion initiatives.

  • Louise Scott

    Associate Director, Policy and Research

    Louise is an economist with over 12 years of experience in public policy research and evaluation. Her research interests include economic development, environment, transport, culture and heritage.

  • Faye Hindle-Lewis

    Associate Director and Erasmus+ Team Leader – Communications, Programme Management and Communications

    Faye is a communications and technical assistance specialist with over 13 years' experience. She currently manages UK-wide strategies to increase engagement and impact for the Erasmus+ programme, including social media, websites, events and publications.

  • Nick Smart

    Technical Director

    Nick supports Ecorys UK’s International Development work in Southern Africa which includes business development, delivery of several major Ecorys initiatives and technical work in the area of livelihoods, environment and natural resource management.

  • Kevin Robinson

    Associate Director and Erasmus+ Team Leader, Programme Management and Communications

    Kevin has 18 years' experience of implementing European programmes in the UK, providing funding to support collaborative activities to improve quality in the fields of education, training and youth.

The Board

Michael Davis

Managing Director, Ecorys UK

Michael leads the UK business and is a member of the wider group leadership team which reports into the Board of Management.  Michael brings to Ecorys a unique blend of commercial experience, honed in start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises, combined with extensive experience of working with senior industry leaders and governments in the formulation of public policy across the UK.

Aydin Ozgul

Managing Director, Programme Management and Communications

Aydin oversees activities across EU and UK programme management, communications and digital contracts. His portfolio spans across a diverse range of policy areas including education and training; employment and social affairs; families and young people; European integration and external affairs; justice; civil society; innovation, research and technology; health; culture and sport.

Nicola Smith

Managing Director, Policy and Research

Nicola is responsible for our Policy and Research team and their portfolio of projects for public and voluntary sector clients. Coming from a social policy background, her policy interests are in health and wellbeing, ageing, social inclusion and social media.

Darren Jackson

Managing Director, International Development

Darren manages Ecorys UK’s International Development team and our offices in Bangladesh, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The projects he oversees in these and other countries are in the areas of governance, livelihoods, environment, institutional building and monitoring and evaluation.

Darryn Hedges

Finance Director & Company Secretary

Darryn leads the finance team and is involved in all aspects of corporate and financial management.   His experience is based on a big four accountancy background and extensive experience in professional services as Finance Director/CFO and as CEO.  His priority is to deliver sustainable revenue growth and profit delivery.


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