Ecorys evaluating project that is ‘Making a step change for young carers and their families’

Ecorys UK has been commissioned to evaluate Making a step change: Putting it into practice, a partnership project managed by Carers Trust and The Children’s Society.

The Department for Education has funded this project supporting six local authority trailblazer areas, following recent legislation furthering support for young carers and their families.

From 1 April 2015, the Care Act 2014 and the Children and Families Act 2014 place a legal duty on local authorities to identify young carers and carry out needs assessments that consider the whole family. It is believed that the Acts will encourage a step change in how children’s and adult services work together to identify and support young carers.

Amongst other changes, the Making a step change project has identified a local memorandum of understanding between children’s and adult services as key to joint working. Ecorys UK’s knowledge of whole family approaches will be invaluable in finding out what works best and can be replicated beyond the six trailblazers.

The evaluation involves in-depth consultation with the six trailblazers, a data review and production of three reports. In addition, Ecorys UK has presented at a number of stakeholder events and will present and disseminate the final report in April 2016.

Find out more about whole family approaches for young carers here.

Ian Atkinson, Associate Director.