Ecorys UK to run communication campaign highlighting the EU Regional Trust Fund’s response to the Syrian Crisis

Ecorys recently began managing a communication campaign for the European Commission to highlight the response of the EU Regional Trust Fund to the Syrian Crisis.

The campaign aims to increase visibility for the Fund among beneficiaries, stakeholders, EU institutions and people across the EU. Ecorys will support the EU by highlighting its role, together with the Member States, in supporting people displaced by the Syrian Crisis, especially in providing education for children and vocational education for adults. 

The campaign will also help to reinforce the image of the EU as an active global player in the management of humanitarian crises such as this.

In order to reach these objectives, Ecorys has set up a dedicated team of three experts to manage all the communication activities. The activities requested include social media campaigns, the preparation of a multi-media press pack, the organisation of social and cultural events and the production of gadgets.   

Ecorys has already started work on the communication activities. The project team, based in Brussels, recently organised an informal meeting for the donors of the Trust Fund, which was held on 12 June. Ecorys produced a brochure in the build up to the meeting, which itself featured a photo exhibition representing Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries. The meeting provided an opportunity to identify the Fund’s potential challenges and ensure its successful continuation going forward.

The campaign will last 15 months, until mid-2018.

For more information contact Claire Sladen, Senior Consultant: