Foreign Direct Investment Promotion in Sevastopol (Ukraine)


EU Delegation in Kiev

The EU Delegation in Kiev contracted Ecorys to establish a fully operational Investment Promotion Agency in Sevastopol. Oxford Intelligence was responsible for the management of this two-year £ 1.5 million project and provided FDI sector intelligence and daily news services, built the capacity of the local team of experts, provided the team with a Customer Relationship management system, and trained the team to reach out to potential investors with specific value propositions.

Despite its strategic location in the Black Sea basin, the Crimea Region (Sevastopol included) has not been successfully in attracting FDI.  In this project we focused on building the capacity of the various administrative bodies involved in FDI promotion activities.

Another important element of the project has been the ‘value’-based focus on reaching out to investors, as compared to the historically generic and reactive approach taken. The project established an ICT cluster that was exposed to some of the larger international players in Kiev to demonstrate the local potential of the sector.

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